Art Department

The philosophy of the Art Department at Churchdown School is to provide a broad and enriching curriculum in order to allow pupils to fully experience the different possibilities offered within the subject.

We look at both traditional and contemporary styles of Art and explore skills from painting and drawing to ceramics and new media. With the world increasingly communicating in a visual language we work hard to develop pupils analytical skills in order to respond to the increasing demand for creative thinking in the professional world.

We welcome the opportunities offered at all key stages to work both in 2D and 3D. The department offers  a range of specialist art equipment and materials including etching and screen printing presses,2 ceramic kilns and a purpose built gallery.

All art rooms are equipped with computers, scanners and data projectors and the students are encouraged to use ICT as an integral part of their learning.  We are also increasingly seeing much more use of photography through the various key stages, and again this is whole heartedly encouraged. We are delighted to see work of excellence and a very positive commitment to the subject from pupils/students at all three key stages.

Curve Gallery

The Curve is a purpose built gallery that hosts a programme of exhibitions. This is a valuable opportunity for students to see the work of artists first hand and also have a space to exhibit their own work. This allows students to view work in a range of different media and talk to artists that understand how to present and market their work.

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Recent Exhibitions

KS3 Overview – Projects

During Years 7, 8 and 9  pupils are taught a wide range of core artistic skills. These include the basic elements of line, tone, colour, shape, form, pattern and texture. Various techniques and skills including drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics and print-making are also explored.

Work is assessed using the department assessment system that reviews WWW/EBI and gives specific and accurate advice, this is followed up by time to make the relevant improvements. Termly isms track each students progress against baseline target grades.

KS4 Overview

Years 10 and 11 work towards GCSE qualifications in 3 Specialisms of Fine Art, Photography and 3Dimensional Design (Clay). A broader artistic knowledge is developed during these years through coursework which links to the work of established artists, designers, styles and movements.

GCSE Fine Art is seen as the general art and covers all of the following disciplines: Painting, Drawing, Printing, Sculpture, Photography and Digital Art. 60% Coursework 40% Practical exam.

GCSE Three-Dimensional Design ( Clay) -60% Coursework 40% Practical exam.

Students will work in 3D demonstrating skills in creating reliefs, coil work, slab ware and sculptural pieces experimenting with textures, pressing into the surface, weaving, and mould work.

GCSE Photography. Students will be expected to demonstrate skills and techniques within the use of photography: lens-based and light-based media as follows:

KS5 Overview

Churchdown has a fantastic reputation for art courses and the facilities are excellent and there are opportunities to work with artists and art professionals. The exam results have been consistently high with regular exhibitions and workshops in the purpose built gallery, the Curve.

The course is structured to ensure you make the best use of your time, the school’s facilities, gallery visits and staff expertise. The Art and Design department staff try to make the whole experience rich, varied and enjoyable and progress is closely monitored at all times.  Trips to museums, galleries and studios are organised.

Art: Fine Art – AS

Coursework Portfolio - Students are required to work on key themes and starting points, exploring, researching and developing skills and techniques. The current project is Forgotten Spaces and allows students to develop their own personal response to the theme.

What does the A2 course involve?

Photography AS/A2 OCR

What does the AS course include?

What does the A2 course involve?

3 Dimensional Art AS/A2 OCR

What does the AS course include?

What does the A2 course involve?

Extra Curricular Opportunities


Next steps or Where the subject leads

Many of our students gain places at Colleges of Art and Universities enabling them to further develop their studies, ultimately to follow rewarding careers in the field of Art and Design.  Typically students undertake a year long Foundation Course at Gloucester College or Stroud College then proceed to one of more than 100 different Art and Design courses throughout the country. Others move directly to vocational courses or into employment:

Examples of possible routes - +Architecture, Illustration, Film, TV, costume, Set design, Graphics, Advertising, Interior Design, Textiles and Sculpture.

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