House System

The House structure aims to further promote student achievement as well as contribute to the development of young people who are equipped to participate in a dynamic society. We will acknowledge and reward this endeavour shown by our students in the form of House points.

There are four houses. King, Hillary, Cavell and Edison.  These names have been carefully chosen as they reflect such strong values and achievement. The House system will provide great opportunities for all students to receive house points in lessons, in a House event or by demonstrating positive values or achievement throughout school. They will earn that point for their House as well as themselves.

The popular House system offers great opportunities for students to both participate and lead on the sports field, on the stage, as an artist or photographer, as a chef, as a designer to name but a few. Integral to the wider experiences open to our students is the range of opportunities they are given to achieve and develop as a whole person. The newly introduced House structure serves to help achieve this for everyone of our pupils. 

House System Overview