School Policies

School Policies are put in place by the Governing Body of Churchdown School Academy. Listed on this page are some of the important policies – but there are others. Please contact the school if you would like further information.

Some of Our School Policies are currently being updated.

Anti-Bullying and Hate Policy

Safe Guarding Policy November 2016 (Latest Version)

Healthy Food Policy June 2016

Charging Policy (Updated May 2016)

Attendance Policy September 2017

Conduct Policy (Updated Sep 2016)

Accessibility Policy (Updated May 2016)

Behaviour Policy 2016 

The-Home-School-Agreement-2014-2015 (updated Jan 2016)

SEND Policy (updated Nov 2017)

Safer Recruitment Policy (updated Jan 2016)

Health and Safety Policy (updated Jan 2016)

Freedom of Information Policy (updated Jan 2016)

Complaints Procedures (updated Jan 2016)

Churchdown Staff IT policy (updated Jan 2016)

Admissions Policy (updated Jan 2016)

British Values Statement

The Use of the Pupil Premium at Churchdown School Academy




GDPR Data Protection Policies

Below you will find our policies relating to how we control and process your data. If you have any queries please contact our Data Protection Officer on



Data Protection Policy

Fair Proccessing Notice for Students and Parents/Carers

Privacy Notice for Students, Parents and Carers

Subject Access Request Form