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Sixth Form

Application For Internal Students

Current ISMs

Please complete the table below providing your current ISM grades and targets for EVERY SUBJECT you are currently studying.

 SubjectTargetCurrent ISM

Predicted Average GCSE Grade

Using your current ISMs please supply your predicted average grade score.

Your average GCSE grade can be created through adding together all your ISM grades and divided by the number of subjects that you study. An example can be found in the Entrance Criteria booklet

Average GCSE score

Please select three subjects from the four Options Blocks that you wish to study in Sixth Form (four subjects are optional for the Academic Pathway students only). Please note you are NOT bound to these choices but is most helpful for our planning to ensure we can accommodate your preferred options.

Select one from the following in Block A
Select one from the following in Block B*
Select one from the following in Block C*
Select one from the following in Block D*


If there is a specific combination of subjects required for your future career path that is not available within these option blocks.
Please use this space to tell us:

Contact Details:

Head of Sixth Form: Mrs Whitson-Jones