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Lets Get Talking Podcast

Opening up conversation on mental health, sharing inspiring stories and providing strategies for an easier path in life, one episode at a time.

Let's Get Talking is a podcast hosted by Mr Willetts discussing the topic and issues surrounding mental health. Every episode, he is joined by a different guest giving their insight into mental health and their personal experiences. 

“I created 'Let's Get Talking' back in January at the beginning of the third national lockdown. I'm passionate about supporting & promoting mental health awareness and was left without many options of how to do this with school being closed. 

I started the podcast to promote mental health awareness, encourage people to talk and share inspiring stories from all over the world. Since January, I've had the pleasure of talking to an England International Rugby Player, a former US Marine that's now based in Colombia & a former Celebrity Big Brother finalist. 

I release a brand-new episode every 2 weeks and the podcast is popular over on Instagram where I host weekly Instagram Live Conversations with different guests. 

If you are struggling or finding things difficult, please give the podcast a listen. It may help just hearing a familiar voice, or you could relate to one of the many stories and pick up some helpful advice and strategies about how to combat certain issues or implement a positive mindset. 

If you want to come and have a chat at school just find me in LS or out and about — I'd be happy to tell you more. And remember talking is so important. “

— Mr Willetts


To find out more information and to listen to some of the episodes follow the link below. 

Lets Get Talking