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Fantastic Grades for our Hard-Working Students

Students at Churchdown School opened their A Level and Btec results today; results that they have worked very hard for. Every student worked with resilience and enthusiasm, and with the support of their teachers will all progress onto their ambitious next steps. It has been a very proud day today as we saw our students leave our school and move on towards their bright futures.    

Our core purpose in Churchdown is to empower students to take their next steps with confidence. In these challenging circumstances this remained our focus; to ensure every student progressed onto the next step of their journey towards their ambitious futures.  The high aspirations of our students are reflected in the record number of applications to university this year and with the vast majority gaining their first-choice place at one of the country’s top universities. Mrs Whitson-Jones, Head of Sixth Form, and the team were proud to see the students receive their first choice of university places.  


Everyone at Churchdown is extremely happy to see such a range of career paths that our students have chosen to follow. These include Architecture to Biochemistry, from Journalism to Fine Art, from Performing Arts to Aerospace Engineering.  There have also been some excellent apprenticeships accepted in Nursing, Law and Finance. Each student has worked hard to follow their personal goal and has been supported by the commitment of our teachers and parents to ensure they reach their goal. There is much to celebrate today, well done everyone.  


The following students have performed highly in their time with us, and we would like to mention their personal success as they follow exciting career paths. Nathan Drew achieved 4 A*s with Ellis Health, Ben Spiller and Cameron Moody all achieving 2 A*s and 1 A respectfully. Emily Sysum and Lucy Jones both achieved 2 A* and Distinction *. 

As a cohort, the value-added score has increased with well over 60% of our students awarded an A*-B. A real achievement that shows the hard work of everyone at Churchdown and the support of our parent community. 

With all the students’ achievements today, we see the story and challenges each child has faced and overcome in order to graduate from Churchdown so well. I wish all the students the best in their future and to always remember; Churchdown Students Can.