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Exams and Results

Exam Results 2020

GCSE Results

At Churchdown we are delighted with this year’s GCSE results and the amazing achievements of our Year 11 students. Given the challenging year and the unique circumstance that grades were awarded in this year, it should never be taken away from the students how hard they have worked with their teachers to achieve so well.  

We are delighted that the school is again seeing a great set of GCSE results from our fantastic students here at Churchdown.  Children across the ability range have made excellent progress with many examples of high achievement.  Having opened their results, our students now know where their immense efforts over the last five years has got them, and I would personally like to congratulate all of them as well as the dedicated staff and the parents for their hard work. In particular Miss Harris, Mr Jones and Miss Smart who have looked after this special year group and guided them towards their ambitious futures. With all the pressures that youngsters now feel themselves under, this year in particular, the Churchdown community has once again risen to the challenge.  

We all look forward to welcoming back the majority of this talented year group into our Sixth Form in September. We also wish those students who are continuing their education in other setting the best of luck and our best wishes for their future.


A-Level and BTEC Results

Students at Churchdown School opened their A Level and Btec results last Thursday. Results that they had worked very hard for. Despite the challenging circumstance in which this year’s results were awarded, there is a lot to be proud of for our students and indeed school.  

Our core purpose in Churchdown is to empower students to take their next steps with confidence. In these challenging circumstances this remained our focus; to ensure every student progressed onto the next step of their journey towards their ambitious futures.  The high aspirations of our students is reflected in the record number of  applications to university this year and with the vast majority gaining their first-choice place at one of the country’s top Universities. Mrs Whitson-Jones, Head of Sixth Form, and the team were proud to see the students receive their first choice of university places. The team were also on hand to offer support to those who needed additional help to secure an alternative route. 

We are extremely proud of the huge range of career paths that our students have chosen to follow from Games Design to Biochemistry, from Zoology to Fashion Design, from Performing Arts to Cyber Security.  Each student has worked hard to follow their personal  aspirations and have been supported by the commitment  of our teachers and parents to ensure they reach their goal. 

The following students have performed highly in their time with us and we would like to mention their personal success as they follow exciting career paths: 


Ed Blackburn- Mathematical Physics 

Ella Curtis- Environmental Science 

Joy Brixey- Fine Art 

Jacob Brown- English Literature 

Catherine Ireland- Film/Television 

Kim Murch- Fashion Design 

Amber Rivers- Psychology 

Hannah Schnieder- Zoology 

Mckenzie Temple- Midwifery 

Connor Allen- Media Production 

Amber Tyas- Biomedical Science 

Maddi Kort- Art and Design 

Jamie Sinclair- Ancient history and Archeology 

Daisy Holton- Criminology 

Kyania May- Forensic  Science 

George Hemming- Civil Engineering

We are confident our students leaving school this summer can look forward to a very bright future in their chosen careers. On a personal note it has been a pleasure to work with such a bright, enthusiastic and resilient year group  and we all wish them luck in their next steps. 

Kind regards, Mr Potter


Examinations for Years 7-10

One of our key values at Churchdown School is for every individual to aim high and we anticipate all our students rising to the challenge of the examinations in order to achieve their full potential.

Examinations take place throughout the year.

The key principles for the examinations are as follows:

Students develop effective strategies to retain skills and knowledge over a period of time.

Students demonstrate skills and knowledge in a formal arrangement.

Students acquire exam preparation skills, including organising revision timetables and the development of effective revision strategies.

External Examinations for Years 11,12 and 13

The majority of examinations for this academic year will take place from 14 May to 26 June 2018. Students are supported robustly by the teaching staff through booster sessions, revision classes and materials to assist with exam preparation.

Revision sessions run throughout the year within all departments.


Subject Exam Boards



Results Day

A-Level Results - 15th August 2019

GCSE Results - 22nd August 2019 

All results will be available for pick up from 9:30am until 12:30pm

Timetables for internal and external exams will be available in the featured    content once they are finalised.

If you have any further queries please contact the Mrs Dinwoodie - Examinations    Officer on 01452 713340.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I Want to go on Holiday after the exams?

A: If you are looking to book a holiday and you have a student in Year 11 or
Year 13, please ensure holidays are booked after the 30th June 2019.
If your child is taking a BTEC, iMedia or Cambridge Technical exam they must check with
their subject teacher that all their coursework is up to date, completed and where improve
can be made that this work has been completed prior to taking any holiday. These courses
can have results submitted right up until the end of the academic year in July.
If your child is in Year 10 or 12, then the school academic year continues after the
exams and they break up at the end of July with the rest of the


Q: What happens on the day of the exam?

A: Students must arrive at least 15 minutes before the exam start time and line
up in silence in the main playground (or will be advised where if raining).
Their name will be called out and they will go in an orderly fashion into the
exam room.

Silence must be adhered to at all times once they have entered the exam

On every desk there will be a plastic wallet with a number. We would ask
that students place any watches, mobile phones, mp3 players and all
electronic devises into the wallet and take the number out of the wallet.
The wallets will be collected before the start of the exam and will remain in a
box until the end of the exam, at which time the student will exchange their
number for the contents of this wallet.

We would recommend any valuables are put into these wallets rather than be
stored in their bags in the changing rooms.

The safest place for mobile phones, watches, mp3 and ipods/ipads and
tablets is either at home or handed in.

Whilst the school accepts no responsibility for items handed in, the box of
wallets will remain in the exam room unless a mobile phone or alarm goes
off in this box, whereupon it will be taken to the exam office until the end of
the exam to prevent any further disruption.


Q: What equipment do i need?

A: Students please come equipped for all exams
They will need a black pen, pencil, rubber and ruler.
They will also need a calculator for some papers, and coloured pens and
The school does not supply any equipment if you have forgotten to bring it
with you.
They may also bring a bottle of water in a clear unlabelled bottle should they
need to.
Invigilators are on hand to help, and any problems should be reported to the
invigilator immediately. They are there to help you, and ensure you have the
best possible environment to take your exam and want you to succeed.


Q: My child is ill on the day of the exam?

A: If your child is ill on the morning or afternoon of an exam, or there is
a family emergency it is vital that you contact the school immediately.
We can then discuss the options which may be available to you.
We will ask for proof of their absence, such as a doctor’s note,
hospital letter as we may be asked for this by the exam board.
Illness does happen, so don’t panic. Contact the school immediately
and let us know and what can be done to help.


Q: What are the charges relating to exams?

A: Exam Charging Policy


Q: When is results day and what do I need to do? 


A-Level – Thursday 15th August 2019 (9.30am – 12.30pm)
GCSE – Thursday 22nd August (9.30am – 12.30pm)

If your child is away on results day, then you can obtain your results as follows: -
1. Give the Exam Office a Stamped Address Envelope (An A5 with stamp is fine). This is
addressed to the student, and results will be posted to you. Please remember to
include tutor group.

2. Someone can collect them on the student’s behalf. Int this instance we must have a
written letter of authority signed by the student which names the person collecting
on their behalf. That person must bring a proof of ID. We will not give results based
on text messages, parents turning up without consent, or friends trying to collect

3. No results will be issued if there are fees outstanding for missed exams
If you have any queries whatsoever concerning external examinations, please

Mrs Dinwoodie – Examinations officer 01452 713340 ext. 215 or by email


Q: How do I collect my exam certificates? What happens if I lose them?

A: Exam Certificates are extremely important documents and should be kept safe
for at least 50 years from leaving full time education. They are a record of grades
received and employers in the future will want to see them.

Exam certificates are started to be distributed usually around January each year.
Students who have left will either be emailed, if an email address has been given
to the school or written to. Students who are still in school will be notified

All certificates must be signed for and if collected by a relative then a letter of
authority signed by the student must be produced.

After 5 years, in accordance with Exam Board rules, Certificates are destroyed.
If you have lost your certificates or never collected them and they have been
destroyed, then you will need to go to:

Replacement Exam Certificates


Important Documents

JCQ Exam Poster

JCQ Warning to Candidates

JCQ Information to Candidates

JCQ Information to Candidates for Non-examination Assessments

JCQ Information to Candidates for Coursework Assessments

JCQ Information to Candidates for Controlled Assessments