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Leadership Development

Coaching for Leadership Performance is a new opportunity at Churchdown School for September 2020 and beyond. It is a package of 6 coaching sessions delivered over 6 months.

It is a programme all about you. From beginning to end.

You set the goal.

You make the choices.

You achieve the results.

How will it work?

Through a series of face-to-face meetings, telephone and video calls, you will work alongside your coach to achieve an identified goal. You will identify what currently stands in your way before exploring all available options to you that will allow you to take a step closer to the previously unobtainable goal. A crucial part of this process will be the challenge provided by the coach. You will be asked to dig deep and also held to account to ensure you push yourself to achieve everything you set out to accomplish.

Coaching for Leadership Performance is not:

  • Directed CPD. The desire and direction comes from you.
  • Line management. The coaching sessions are a confidential and safe space which takes place entirely independently of your line management meetings.
  • Counselling. In coaching we focus on the present and the future, not the past. Coaching is about setting positive goals for the future and working towards completion.
  • A cosy chat. It’s essential that you establish a positive relationship with your coach; this is, after-all, an entirely supportive process. However, Coaching for Leadership Performance is designed to be laser-focused in its approach, so be prepared to be challenged.

Are you keen to enhance your leadership performance? Do you want to uncover your leadership potential? Are you ready to devote time to you?

To find out more, contact Andrew Coates at Churchdown School:

Tel:         01452 713340