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Precision Coaching

Precision Coaching is sustained over time and includes frequent opportunities for learning: experimentation and practice, reflection and evaluation, honest frequent feedback and solutions-focused coaching. Coaching supports you to build knowledge and expertise which brings about changes in practice, Precision Coaching has a narrow yet significant focus, challenges existing assumptions and involves collaborating with colleagues and peer support.

How will it work?

Precision Coaching is not a one size fits all programme: it’s personalised to suit you and your goals. The amount of coaching sessions very much depends on the area of your teaching practice you would like to target, and can involve a blend of coaching and CPD enrichment. Those who have benefited from Precision Coaching have taken part in four to six face to face or video call sessions, and also used peer-observation and lesson filming to aid practice reflection. The key to Precision Coaching is reflection and goal setting, and your coach will offer the challenge and guidance you need to make incremental changes to your pedagogy and classroom practice.

Precision Coaching is NOT:

  • One size fits all. It is tailored to your needs and goals.
  • Emotion therapy. The coaching sessions will give you the opportunity to reflect on your practice in a safe space, but the focus will be solely on your teaching.
  • Just for those at the very start of their career. Research shows that after five years of teaching we plateau, and for this reason Precision Coaching is ideal for those who have been teaching for five years plus.
  • A secret. You will be encouraged to share your goals, liaise with team members and use peer support.

Are you keen to reignite your pedagogical spark? Do you want to challenge yourself but unsure how?

To find out more, contact Nikki Toohig at Churchdown School:

Tel:01452 713340