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Our School

Professional Development

Our aim is simple ‘to achieve success for all’. We are a school with a strong reputation for fantastic outcomes for our students. This is in no small part due to the strong reputation we have for developing high quality teachers and leaders. Therefore, we are in a very strong position to support and collaborate with education providers on a spectrum of educational and leadership areas.

At Churchdown School Academy we believe that continuous learning is as important for teachers as it is for the students we teach. At the heart of our work is a consistent and focused desire to nurture and train and develop people. Experience shows us that to enjoy the greatest rewards from working in the school environment, colleagues must feel accomplished in their work, proud of their achievements and reflective so that they continue to experiment, innovate and develop professionally. Therefore, we support teachers and support staff regardless of their level of experience or training and offer them the chance to immerse themselves in a wide range of challenging and rewarding professional development opportunities.


See where you are in your teaching career, and plan where you want to go next.