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Rewards and Enrichment

Behaviour and Rewards Policy

The Governing Body and Staff of Churchdown School are committed to promoting high standards of behaviour. Our Behaviour for Learning Policy puts into effect Churchdown School’s principles for promoting positive behaviour for learning with the aim of enabling all students to achieve their potential. It sets out the whole school approach to behaviour management in order to achieve a positive whole school learning ethos. We seek to uphold at all times Churchdown School core values:

A relentless focus on high standards.
A belief that there are no excuses or barriers to learning or achievement.
A warm, welcoming community and everyone ‘does their bit’ to create a positive learning environment for all.

At Churchdown School we believe in rewarding pupils’ efforts and achievements. Crucial to this process is our House system, and every reward stamp a student earns goes towards overall house points. At the end of the year, there is a big celebration when we unveil the House of the year. In addition, pupils can cash in their stamps at the House Rewards Shop in exchange for treats.

We also celebrate pupil of the term in departments, houses and whole school. We reward the best attendance and also the tutor group with the most points at the end of every term. We reward students with points who progress with the Footprints programme. We hold regular house events, and winners of these events also receive house points and prizes. In years 7, 8 and 9, for sustained contribution towards a subject done in extra-curricular time, students receive a “half-colour” in the form of a badge in their house colour. If they sustain this commitment in years 10 and 11, they receive a full colour in the form of a block-coloured house tie.

At the end of the year, in July, we have our annual, highly prestigious Achievements Evening. This is run and organised by the 6th form. Each department nominates a boy and a girl from each year group to win highest achievement of the year in that subject, and also best effort and progress. The event runs over two evenings and is attended by pupils, parents, staff and governors.



Churchdown’s enrichment   programme goes under the title of Churchdown Inspired. It aims to inspire students to aspire and achieve in different activities that will help them develop into rounded, successful, confident and adaptable people.

The Edge programme recognises achievement in a variety of areas – pupils progress through school and earn different levels of award. The House system provides opportunities for pupuils to take part in different activities in a healthy competitive environment. Our wide-ranging clubs and activities and trips and visits further provides opportunities for students to explore, adventure and thrive.

The Edge @ Churchdown School

The Edge is a new initiative to help promote the development of the whole-person. The aim is to increase student participation in all aspects of school life to enable each individual to secure a deeper appreciation of their learning and become more ‘well-rounded’.

Level of Award

Students across the whole school will gain different levels of accreditation for a wide range of experiential learning and involvement in school life, focusing on four key areas.

Novice Award: A student will have completed at least 6 experiences from those available. To achieve the novice award, students must complete experiences from at least two different ‘challenge’ areas.

Apprentice Award: A student will have completed at least 10 experiences from those available. To achieve the apprentice award, students must complete experiences from at least three different ‘challenge’ areas.

Graduate Award: A student will have completed at least 15 experiences from those available. To achieve the graduate award, students must complete experiences from all four ‘challenge’ areas. 

For each award, students will receive a pin badge, to be worn on their school blazer or clothing, to commemorate their efforts and achievements over a period of time.

The experiences students have will vary during their time at school. While many students are unlikely to have completed each of the 40 experiences at school, most will have been able to fully immerse themselves in to the life of the community. Naturally, for students to achieve accreditation it relies on the goodwill of staff to support the programme by offering a wide-range of events.


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