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School Life

The School Parliament

Students meet every half term to discuss and share ideas in an atmosphere of mutual respect and regard for each other’s views.  Debate is lively, varied and energetic and our Student Chairperson manages this with skill to ensure decisions are reached.  A member of the Senior Leadership Team co-ordinates the work of the School Parliament and is the link between the council and Senior Leadership Team.

In order to gain a position in Parliament, students deliver their manifesto speech in a hustings style assembly.  Voting then takes place to establish who has won the election. If successful, students serve a two-year term on the School Parliament.

House Council

The House Council is a further opportunity for students to share views and opinions on many aspects of school life.

At the start of the academic year, two students are elected from each Tutor Group to represent the views of their peers at the half-termly  House Council meetings.  Meetings are co-ordinated by the Head of the House System and the meetings themselves are chaired by the House Officials.

At Churchdown School, we are fully committed to ensuring out Student Voice is heard with the opportunity to effect change and further school development.

Student Mentors

Year 10 pupils can apply to be Year 11 mentors for new Year 7 pupils. This is a very high profile role, beginning with the Year 6 pupils’ induction programme and then working with individual pupils and whole form groups to ensure all new pupils have a smooth transition from primary school to Churchdown School.

Student Guides

Pupils from all year groups support the school at open evenings by acting as guides, showing visitors around the school and talking about their experiences at Churchdown School.

Sports Captains

At the start of the academic year, two students are elected from each Tutor Group to act as a link between their Tutor Group and the PE department.  They are responsible for organising teams to play in inter-tutor events, and to coordinate their Tutor Group during Sport Day. They also represent the views of their Tutor Group regarding current and future sporting events at Churchdown School.